Why Financial Domination?

why financial domination

Every Femdom has her own philosophy and reasons for practicing financial domination, so I’d like to take a moment to share mine with you.

Now, I’ll be perfectly honest. My first motivation getting into femdom was money. I realized quickly that femdom and findom isn’t easy. Consequently, I’ve grown to love and relish a true  power exchange and testing men to be of service to me.  I spent my time learning an art that has taught me a lot about myself and how I relate with men.

I’ve often enjoyed the idea of being adored and lavished by men, however, I was always turned off by the concept of a traditional sugar daddy. I’m not interested in boosting a male ego and giving a man what he wants just because he’s paying me. Too many men have been poisoned by the idea that they can simply purchase the woman of their dreams from the illusive dream girl factory if they have enough money to buy her. Not with me!

Often a man’s false sense of self esteem depends on his bank account. The many outlets of on demand sexual gratification who have spoiled men, who are often out of touch when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships with women. In financial domination, the man’s immediate sexual gratification is not the priority and his false sense of self esteem is ripped to shreds.

Financial domination for me is not about men buying me nor is it controlling everything about a grown man’s life. It is about standing in my power, expressing my sensuality/sexuality, and receiving what I know I deserve. Findom for me isn’t about giving me money because I can get my own and I’m just being greedy. It’s about devoted men providing for me and funding my pleasure out of appreciation and gratitude.

It is natural for a man to want to go out and provide for the women who enhance his life. It is also natural for a woman to seek out men who can provide for her as well. I am not a femdom that yells I don’t need money because that shouldn’t matter. We ALL need money to live on this planet. A REAL man wants to provide for ladies he shows interest in irregardless of her financial status because he knows that is his role as a man. He doesn’t have ulterior motives in his giving financially and doesn’t use that to get something immediate out of it. It shows true humility to give me what I ask simply because he knows that adding to my happiness enhances his own.

For me, financial domination is not about getting paid for nothing. It’s about men paying me for all of my time, energy, and efforts I put into working with them. It is about men stepping into their roles as providers and protectors of women without using that role to suppress us, our sexuality, and our unique gifts as women. It is about men using their natural ability to acquire resources to empower women to new heights. Because when a woman is truly empowered in a positive way she can give back so much more to the world – an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Are you ready to REALLY be of service – assisting me to soar to new heights?

You may always start by sending me a tribute as a token of your genuine gratitude and interest.


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