The Qualities Of A Good Slave

Many prospective boys who want to be of service often ask me what qualities I look for in a slave. I am going to devote this blog post into sharing some traits of my ideal man servant. Now, I can only speak for myself here, so remember to always inquire with the specific Domme  you wish to serve about her tastes. If, however, you'd like to be of service to me please read on and see if you have the qualities to become one of my good loyal online slaves. 

The Elements Of My Ideal Slave

  1. Takes initiative. He knows that he must make the first move to be of service. I am not fond of chasing after boys for money and I intend for males who want to serve to take initiative.
  2. Generous. He knows that serving me is an honor and shows this by being generous with his cash.
  3. Intelligent. This is not to be mistaken for the intellectual who wants his ego stroked. I do, however, prefer slaves who have a mind of their own and who enjoy stimulating conversation.
  4. Sense of Humor. I know it's cliché. However, I happen to enjoy slaves who can make me laugh and don't take themselves too seriously. This is supposed to be a fun escape for everyone involved.
  5. Connection. A connection and chemistry is important as it makes the experience more enjoyable for both of us.
  6. Giving when there is no immediate reward. The main purpose of a slave is to make my life easier. A good slave does not need me to always be available for phone and cam calls in order to spend on me. He spends even when he doesn't get immediate gratification from doing so.
  7. Asks how he can please me. He knows that my wants and needs can change from day to day. He also knows that he must give me pleasure in the way I ask to receive it. 
  8. Invests in my success. A good slave strives to support me in any and all endeavors. Whether it's supporting my Femdom business by purchasing my clips or paying for a class to expand my knowledge - good boys invest in my success no matter the pursuit.
  9. Communication. I ask for anyone who seeks to serve me to be open and honest about one's intentions, limits, and goals. The better the communication, the easier it will be for me to guide you into that sweet spot of sub space. 
  10. Integrity. Those who are most fit to serve me are honest in their intentions and follow through on their word. 

I hope this post answered any questions that you may of had about the quality of slaves I accept for service.

Think you embody the qualities I desire in a slave and want to serve?

Send me a tribute or gift off my wish list,  since generosity is OBVIOUSLY a trait I happen to highly appreciate. 😉

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