“But I’m not into financial domination!!!!”

As a Femdom/ Findom I often hear the excuse for not wanting to pay me what I request is that the sub in question is not into financial domination. While I understand not everyone has ridiculous amounts of money to spend, I find this to be a shitty cop out for several reasons.

Femdom, as well as any other sex industry work, is a luxury. You are not entitled to have one on one time with a woman because you have a penis and need someone to project your perverted fantasies upon. In fact, you have no right to come into anyone’s business anywhere on this planet and demand goods for free. Try that in a store, and I’m guaranteed they will kick you out and/or call the cops. Why is sex work suddenly the exception? If  it costs too much for you, maybe you need to be rethinking your priorities.

Secondly, I would assume if you are coming to me or any other Femdom seeking to be of service that you actually want to be of service. Your cash, for the most part is the only thing you can use to be of service to me. It is the one thing that is so difficult for most of you to give up and giving it up to me shows true selflessness on your part. It also shows that you are willing to invest in me and my ultimate well being. And if you’re not invested in my well being, I will assume you are a selfish parasite only looking out for your own satisfaction…. which, IMO, is the exact opposite to being of service.

Now I want to scream this next part from the roof tops: Paying someone for services rendered is NOT financial domination. It doesn’t matter if the provider is a Femdom or not — when someone runs a business and you want what they are selling, is it not customary to pay for it? Do you haggle prices everywhere because you’re a “good guy”, and tell them to give you a break because of the paper thin promise that you will repeat business in the future? Everyone has their own reason for charging what they charge. You just make yourself look like a selfish fool and a cheap loser when you do that.



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