How To Be A REAL Domme

Do you know what it takes to be a grade A certified 100% real Dominatrix approved from the RFDA (Real Femdom Administration – if there actually was one)? Well, allow me to appoint myself as the SUPREME AUTHORITY on Femdom with this extremely satirical post…

  1. Assert your dominance by acting like a self- righteous know it all in all matters Femdom and call out everyone else who is obviously fake by not adhering to the rules of Femdom.
  2. Never show any emotions. Men have been trained that emotions are weakness and won’t respect a dominant woman admitting to having a full range of human emotion.
  3. Never admit that you actually have bills or necessities that need to be paid and make sure your slaves buy you uselessly overpriced items you don’t even want to show you’re really about that lifestyle.
  4. You must never admit to ever being anything but 100% RAW DOMINANCE all of time in your entire existence. You like to get spanked every once in a while? Tough shit, keep it to yourself.
  5. Real Dommes don’t take their clothes off. In fact, we were all born wearing leather catsuits. If you weren’t I suggest you rethink your choice in being a Domme.
  6. A real Domme must not be married or have a family. You must devote your life completely to dominating – more than the slaves you dominate.
  7. You must act like a rude ass hole to everyone all of the time. Consistency is key in maintaining your BADASS BITCH STATUS. Just start yelling at random people for no reason for extra boss points.
  8. You must be 100% perfect with absolutely zero character flaws or habits that could detract from the image of extreme self discipline and perfection.
  9. You’re not a real Domme if you don’t meet subs in person and only Domme online. If you don’t wish to risk your safety to beat up strange men or live in a small town, you’re SOL.
  10. Real Dommes don’t poop.

I know that last one was a stretch, but see how ridiculous that sounds?

Want to know the REAL rules of Femdom? There are no rules. Every Domme makes her own rules – within the context of safe play of course 😉

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