My Favorite Fetishes: MIND FUCK

I absolutely LOVE a good mind fuck

I love it so much that I decided to write a blog post devoted to mind fucking in regards to my Femdom practice.

In my humble opinion, a good mind fuck gets a person to believe one thing is happening while taking them in a completely different direction - leaving them in a state of confusion. It can be mentally stimulating and exciting to be taken for a ride by such a sexy mind fucker like me.

One of my favorite kind of mind fucks is enticing my slave victims with their ultimate fantasy while actually getting them to submit even deeper for me. 

A great example of this in my clip "Mind Fucked by Pantyhose and Pussy Power" where I entice you with your pantyhose fetish and leave you under my complete control.


Clip available for purchase at the following stores:

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Sometimes I like to employ the humiliating mind fuck. This makes one question whether I am humiliating, or simply telling the painful truth. It's usually a little bit of both since the truth of your perversions are usually pretty humiliating. 

"I Bet You Think This Clip Is About You MIND FUCK" is a wonderful example of this:


Clip available for purchase at the following stores:

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Finally, there is the mesmerizing mind fuck. I love to tease and mesmerize slaves into doing things they didn't think they would do - like telling me all their dirty secrets. The mind fuck is when they realize how perverted they really are. 

The clip "Mesmerized Into Exposing Your Dirty Secrets" shows this perfectly:


Clip available for purchase at the following stores:

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What can I say? I just love to fuck slave male minds - and they love to get fucked hard by Your's Truly

It's the only kind of fucking they know they're going to get from me anyway 😉

One thought on “My Favorite Fetishes: MIND FUCK

  1. Oh wow, I love the idea of being totally mind f’d by You, thinking I’m just indulging my fetishes and getting off, while secretly being lured in a direction of Your discretion, whilst getting ever more ensnared and wrapped around Your manicured finger 🙂

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