New Update: Back To Basics

As many of you who have been following me for a while know that I am not one to sugar coat things, so be prepared for a dose of harsh reality.

As someone who has been in some form of sex work for the last seven years I am not afraid to admit my mistakes – because I know someone may find value from them.

Now when I began sex work, I was still being supported by family. I was able to flaunt material status symbols in the name of findom because I had my basic necessities provided for me. I didn’t have to worry about having a secure foundation.

Unfortunately, that foundation actually was never secure. I found myself unable to leave an unhealthy situation due to my dependence on these luxuries and had to make a change.

I’ve come to terms with my past and the scars it has left me; It’s time to move forward. But I need to be honest with where I’m at.

I originally got into this work so I can work my own hours and build financial independence. Findom/ femdom especially appealed to me because of the rush of power and the psychology behind it. Unfortunately, I fell into the trap of keeping up this unsustainable illusion. And this I feel is an important topic to touch upon.

Now don’t get me wrong… I do enjoy receiving quality gifts I desire. I love talking to men enticing them to send me cash. I love fucking minds and being worshipped. I love this outlet for my creativity and obvious sex appeal.

I just think this whole notion that if a woman isn’t already miss money bags and has it all figured out she is not dominant is bull shit. Life happens. Things can change in an instant. Some things happen in life that’s out of our control.

I am done having to pretend that amassing massive amounts of material crap makes me a better Domme. No matter how much money I have, I’m not interested in supporting excessive materialistic lifestyles in order to be seen as “dominant”. Nor will I give away my time and energy for pennies out of fear. I refuse to bend to an unsustainable ridiculous status quo, which is in my opinion what truly makes me genuinely dominant and empowered.

Quote from the movie “Fight Club”

I have no interest in submitting to random men just because they are paying me. I also don’t need to flaunt a pseudo superiority complex (which stems from feelings of inferiority anyway) to have my boundaries respected and my work properly compensated.

I’ve offered a lot of myself in this industry over the years and I’m at the point where I can only offer so much to those that get it. My sanity and well being is my top priority. I am having to downsize in every part of my life so I can build toward the future I want for ME.

Right now due to my life circumstances, I am only offering services I can do on my phone as I rework my business strategy and get back on solid ground again. I will not be offering cam and clips for a while until I get a new computer, however you may always purchase those already in my stores here. (That is until a generous benefactor buys me a new one of course *wink *)

I will not accept pity or handouts. I do not want “help” from clients who get off from helping only for their benefit. I have some amazing people in my personal life for that.

I do, however, ask for basic human understanding, respect, and patience from those who seek to do business with me. Of course, tributes sent from a place of genuine gratitude for all I do are always appreciated.

If there is one important thing in life I’ve learned is that true lasting wealth comes from the inside out. You may be able to fool people and yourself for a while, but eventually the house of cards can come crumbling down once you get a little too comfortable. Money comes and goes through life, and I won’t allow myself to be manipulated and controlled by it. That’s my job, anyway. đŸ˜‰

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