Am I Accepting Slaves?

I know many want to know how to go about being my slave or if I am even accepting them. The answer is yes and no. Confused yet? Well, I will explain.

I’ve tried the notorious slave application before, and honestly, I find that it is completely useless when it comes to true prospective slaves. I would rather the process happen organically over time as being my slave is not just something that can happen over night with a bogus contract.

At the moment, I do not seek anyone for ownership as it is a lot more trouble than it is currently worth for me. Again, this is something that ideally the proper slaves would grow into over time, and not just because they filled out an application with a single tribute. It takes A LOT of tributes to be put under consideration by me.

Now, there are some steps you may take to make this a reality. This is not a guarantee, and it all depends on our chemistry and your effort to please in the relationship. The best way is to just start sending tributes to get my attention and to show that you are serious.

 I am not for everyone, and everyone isn’t for me. 

Here are my general guidelines for prospective slaves:

1.  Slaves must serve financially minimum $200 a week (This does not include phone calls, cam, clips, etc as those are products/services, and paying for a product I produce or my time is expected and is not servitude – these may be given as rewards for good behavior).

* Slaves who serve regularly, however, do receive regular correspondence with text chat on skype or other platforms as regular contact is important.

2.  Slaves must  pay and be in contact regularly. I will not even consider those who come around when they “feel like it”. 

3.  Prospective slaves must put forth the effort to show their devotion for an extended period of time.

4. Slaves must learn about me as a whole person. I won’t compartmentalize myself for your comfort, and I like to be able to hold a conversation with those who serve me. Brain dead simpletons need not apply as I will most likely find you boring.

5. Slaves must be in good financial standing before considering servitude. Serving me should not cut into your personal and/or family obligations EVER. If you can’t take care of yourself or your loved ones, then you will obviously not be a good slave for me.

6. Slaves must have good self esteem and desire to constantly aim higher. Mediocrity need not apply.

* It’s sad that I have to say this, but there are a lot of severely broken men out there who get into Femdom because they really believe they are worthless. I cannot help those who cannot help themselves.

It’s really quite simple: showing your devotion, asking how you can please me, and getting to know me are some great first steps on the path to serving me.


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