How may I pay you?

You pay pay me through one of my approved tribute methods.


Do you accept Amazon gift cards or wish list purchases as payment?

Gifts are just that: gifts. Any session or specific service from me requires cash payment.



How can I book a cam session?

  1. Send me a CASH tribute for half of session price to secure a time. (For example: You would send a $75 tribute to secure a half hour with me)
  2. Email me at sashac1288@gmail.com to schedule a date and time.
  3. Prior to beginning the cam session you will pay the remaining price for the session.

*Same day cam requests available for additional tribute*


What can I expect during a phone and/or cam session?

When you first connect with me, be prepared to talk a little bit about yourself, your limits, and your goals if seeking training. I like to take my time and slowly work my way into your mind to find out what really makes you tick.


Do you offer real time sessions?

At this time I am offering online sessions and service only.


I’m not into financial domination. Can you lower your rates?

The rate for my time is the rate for my time independent of what your specific fetish is. You may also want to read this blog post.


What are your safety protocols?

I intend for one who seeks to be of service and/or session with me to be upfront and honest about his limits and concerns. All interactions are based upon mutual consent and human respect.