Who Is Miss Sasha Conceited?

Miss Sasha Conceited has been active within the Femdom scene as a professional dominatrix and clip producer since 2012. She is experienced in both online and real time domination. She specializes in training submissive gentlemen for her use as well as filming highly addictive Femdom clips. 

About Miss Sasha Conceited Femdom and Financial Domination

Mental domination is her strength as she intuitively knows exactly how to push the buttons of her clients. She loves to exploit her clients' weaknesses in order to challenge them and to give what she desires. Her unique approach inspires her clients to constantly better themselves in her presence. They know that being a servant for Miss Sasha Conceited is the highest honor. 




Areas of expertise

Includes but not limited to:

  • Mental Domination
  • Financial Domination
  • Mesmerize/ Erotic Hypnosis / Meditational Domination
  • Mind Fuckery
  • Humiliation
  • Chastity Training
  • Orgasm Control/ Denial
  • Tease and Denial
  • Jerk Off Instruction/ CEI 
  • Goddess Worship/ Blasphemy
  • Femdom Life Coaching
  • Submissive/ Slave Training